We progress with you

A professional team of more than 100 people in 7 delegations and with a fleet of 300 in-house trucks and more than 180 dedicated exclusively.

agencia de transporte en Valencia

About us

We are a company based on the knowledge and talent of the people who work in it, we are dedicated to the business of a transport agency. We are strive to satisfying the transport needs of our clients and achieving that the transporters perceive us as an organization that contributes to the optimization of their business.

We are different

More and more companies all over Europe put their trust in us because of our experience and commitment. The quality of our service has made RLC a mark of guarantee, being branded by the magazine “Transporte XXI”, the first transport agency in Spain in import capacity.


Import cargo

Export cargo

Partial loads


Our personalized treatment that we give to our clients sets us apart from the rest

At RLC we take our work seriously. Our policy of transparency generates in our clients a high level of confidence; all information during the transport of their merchandise is rigorously controlled. In real time we obtain data with the latest GPS technology to obtain exact position of the vehicle, the situation of the load and the temperature inside the trailer; two sensors that are installed in the vehicle give us up to date information of temperature, distribution and return of refrigeration equipment.

empresa de transporte
empresa de transporte en Valencia

We grow by adding efforts

RLC has strategically located delegations that allow us to be highly competitive.


The effort and professionalism of the delegates of each delegation in the management and coordination of the work teams, is undoubtedly one of the keys to the success of RLC Transports.


International star for quality

Proof of our commitment to excellence has received the prestigious ``International Star for Quality`` award, granted by Bussines Iniciative Directions, which recognizes companies that stand out for their quality and innovation.

IFS Logistics & QS

RLC is one of the first transport companies to be certified under the IFS Logistics and QS standard auditing all logistic activities for food products. This way the customer ensures the traceability of its IFS and QS products throughout the entire supply chain by working with an accredited certification institution.

Aenor Good Distribution Practices

RLC has the certificate of Good Practices for the distribution of Medicine for Human Use in accordance with the guidelines of the European Commission. RLC's commitment to quality is a constant feature in its customer service.