For our responsibility

RLC is a company committed to both the environment and the people around us. We can define the strategy of Social Responsibility in three key points that we call of the following way.

RLC is responsible in its business

The most important thing is to start with the people closest to us, that's why our employees, customers and suppliers have been our first action of responsibility. Fair wages and benefits, family reconciliation, participation of employees in development projects, continuous training, flexibility in holidays, quality work space.

RLC is a good neighbour

RLC actively participates in the vast majority of the closest cultural associations. From weekly donations to the Red Cross, work integration projects for university students, cultural activities for the locality where the head office resides, El Puig, sports schools for both ``Pilota Valenciana`` and football, music schools and the musical society, etc. In addition to other projects, not so close, such as the one we collaborate every year which is ``Bicycles without Borders`` making donations of bicycles to the inhabitants of small towns in Senegal to go to school, work or simply to get some water.

RLC believes in sustainable transport

Acquisition of low-emission equipment and continuous fleet renewal, purchase of electric cooling systems, control of transport suppliers and demand for vehicles that comply with gas emission regulations.